Match Truly Site Review

Match Truly is one of the few sites that make it possible to date internationally
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How exactly does one go about looking for love over the internet? Have you ever wondered about this? Of course, you have. International dating, in particular, can be a tough business. The idea of how to begin it can make you flap your laptop and go out for a drink.

The one thing that makes cross-border interactions impossible is the multiplicity of dating sites. If you top that up with the ingenious marketing tricks used, it very much possible to choose a shitty site. And when that happens and you get conned a lot of bucks, you can forever hate building relationships over the internet.

But since you are here, it's time we point you in the right direction. And that involves passing the idea of mail order bride sites your way. You see, mail order bride services like Match Truly have been designed with one major purpose in mind — join foreign men to foreign women.

In this Match Truly review, we're going to shine the spotlight on this service, talk about their services, features, pros, and cons. This will help you make up your mind on whether it's a go or not.
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About MatchTruly

As the name explicitly puts it, this site's top mission is to help individuals find their true love — a true match. This is possible through their sophisticated search algorithm that displays to you only the members who ticks most of the requirements on your list of potentials.

Unlike upcoming sites, this dating platform covers so many regions. Users are from America, the UK, Western and Eastern Europe. So basically, you can interact with women from countries like Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Thailand, and many others. This is the zone where your eyeballs get entertained with a vast number of women — and this is very true.

While this service heavily favors people who have a genuine interest in looking for a long-term lover, it also allows those who are in for flings and other kinds of temporary help-me-I help-you arrangements. Bear in mind that you must make your expectations clear from the beginning. This helps to avoid misunderstandings that could crop up later on.

To keep freebie lovers and jokers at bay, Match Truly uses a pay-to-use system. This way, you also get saved from dealing with scams, thieves, and other internet's bad apples.

Website Layout

valentime main page
You've never seen a truly neat site until you visit Match Truly. It is smooth, fast, and glare-free. There are no disturbing ads and popups that mar user experience. As you scroll down the home page, you'll be able to understand everything about them from what they offer to why they might be the best choice.

For easy registration, the form appears right in the middle of the first page. We all like window shopping, right? Well, this site lists a few profiles of some of the available members just to let you know what lies ahead. On mobile devices, the site shrinks as well to give you all the desktop details on a smaller screen. And it loads lightning fast as well.

Registration Process

It's easy-peasy to get through the registration process — less than five minutes to be precise. Having dabbled in internet dating many times, they figured it would be better if the process was kept brief. After all, it shouldn't feel like you are applying for a government document.

There are five slots that you have to fill to get a pass. Those slots require you to provide :
Your gender
Date of birth
Here is a very valuable tip: these are primary details that you may not be allowed to change again. So make sure you are okay with the details provided.

Another vital tip that most people forget to give: don't use your personal email to register on a dating site. You don't want your office mails to be obscured by match suggestion alerts. Furthermore, if you get hacked, you won't worry about losing valuable personal or business data.

Once logged in, there are a few more fields that you have to fill. Call this profile revamping where you provide adequate details so the search algorithm can provide you with relevant results. But it's not just for the search tool; users too will be reading your profile to deduce if you are what they are after. Be exhaustive as you can but do not parade everything like how much you earn, properties, etc.

Quality of Profiles

loveswans profile
This refers to how much info you get to see while browsing user profiles? More is merrier when it anything related to information. It helps you know what or who you are dealing with. But guess what, Match Truly profiles are exhaustive.

This site highlights things like age, height, complexion, country, name, hobbies, the number of kids, likes, dislikes and so much more. This can prepare you to know what line to start with when you slide in her inbox.

You probably are wondering if the ladies are beautiful. Well, how about we ask a good question: what are the chances of bumping into a gorgeous woman in a crowd of thousands? Limitless, don't you think? We are pretty sure you'll be spoilt for choice.

Match Truly also rocks when it comes to diversity. Thanks to hosting users from multiple countries, your hands are not tied to Asians, Europeans or Americans. You can date women from regions that please you only.

Communication Features

No dating website can ever be useful unless they provide sufficient communication channels. While using MatchTruly, you can communicate your intentions via instant messaging, emailing, video calls, and voice calls. Messaging is the cheapest and the best way to get things going.

Word of advice: it's not ideal to stick to one communication tool. Sometimes people might fall in love with how you sound or look rather than how fast you type replies. Also, if you are poor at chatting, the existence of other channels will get you sorted out.

Sadly or luckily (depending on your viewpoint), it takes more than words to make someone fall in love. Even this site understands that and that is why they have gifts and flowers section. If you toss one or two of them alongside your texts and calls, you definitely are going to carry someone home (hope you have stronger shoulders).
loveswans extended search
loveswans gifts
However, do not let gifts and flowers impoverish you. Only use them when you can afford and on a worthy candidate that you've talked with for a while. Don't throw gifts on strangers.

Another special service that you might benefit from is the translation. It comes in handy when the girl you like doesn't understand English but clearly is into you. If your budget can't cater for that, then stick to those that speak and write good English.


MatchTruly operates through a very transparent payment that revolves around the use of credit tokens. Why are we using the term transparent? Because with a credit system, you actually see what you are paying for each and every second. In case of some pricing changes, everything is communicated in advance.

With monthly packages used by other sites, you never know what exactly it is you are paying for. Now, in case you are wondering how much they charge per credit, then the answer is a couple of cents. However, you need $9.99 to get 20 communication credits. There are no other specified plans and that's one of their drawbacks.

Safety and Security

Unlike many online dating agencies, Match Truly does have an active anti-scam team that regularly weeds out scams. Furthermore, they carry out frequent profile verifications to scare off cons. When it comes to the security of transactions, they do a solid job of ensuring there are no flaws. Every message you send and any transaction made is secured through impenetrable encryption services.

Nevertheless, you can never be too careful online. Keep your eye peeled at all times for parasitic people. Some do slide through the verification process and it's now up to users to single them out. Last but not least, try not to share your login credentials with anyone else.

Customer Support

This is something that Match Truly outperforms other sites. Some services will let you stay in a hell hole with problems for long before they pop up with unhelpful responses. With this site, their response is timely and when they show up, they do so with a solution — not excuses.


Simple and straightforward registration
Affordable and transparent payment system
Multiple users available
Responsive customer service
Safe and secure from internet baddies


Not specialized to a particular region
Limited freebies


If you've been really looking for a reliable online dating site, then you've got to try Match Truly. This is a platform designed with a favorable pricing method that keeps away jokers without being a hindrance to active users.

They do pack so many beautiful women and from many countries. It should be easy to find what you want providing you are ready to flex your dating muscles. To make interactions possible and less expensive, you can resort to sending likes and winks to get the right people to talk to. There are a few more freebies to relish on.

Remember to abide by the rules in order to enjoy your time on the site. After all, rules separate us from jungle animals, right? Good luck.


Is Matchtruly legit?
Yes, the site is very much legit. This is not only backed by the heavy certifications they have but their many years of service.
Is it possible to cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can. To do that, simply visit the settings section on your profile and opt out. In case of possible a possible refund, be sure to talk to the customer agent before fully deactivating your account.
Is MatchTruly free?
No its not but there are a few things you can do at zero cost. Some of the services you don't need to pay for include registration, showing interest through likes and winks, browsing profiles, using search tool and viewing profile photos. To enjoy all the services, you'll need to subscribe.