UkrainianCharm Site Review

Did you know that long-lasting relationships can be created over the internet?
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As of 2019, more than 40% of Americans date using online apps. The statistics are nearly the same for other locations too. This means it's now normal for people to look for their soul mates online.

But let's first address the elephant in the room — dating sites. Yes, deciding to find a couple over the internet is easy. The hardest part is finding a reliable platform that will help smoothen out the process. From your research, you already know there are so many challenges that other folks go through. They get scammed, dumped, and heartbroken. But we bet you don't want to go through that, right?

In the thick maze of dating sites, it can be so easy to make the wrong choice. So in this UkrainianCharm review, we are going to explain why this service might lessen both the pain and time of online dating. While at it, we will address the real paint points like is the site safe? Do they weed out scams? What do they charge? And much more.

So keep sipping on that cup of latte, porridge, water, wine or whatever it is you drink as we unravel the full potential of Ukrainian Charm.
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About Ukrainian Charm

As the name explicitly states, Ukrainian Charm deals majorly with Ukrainian women. So if you love Slavic, this would be one of the few places where you can interact with them. They do list girls from other places too, although a majority of them are from Eastern European countries.

The company has been in the online dating scene for almost a decade now and their reputation seems to grow with time. Along the way, they have helped thousands of foreigners, particularly from the US and UK, find women who make them complete.

With such a long track of outstanding performance, this platform is definitely not a scam and thus worth considering.

Website Layout

ukrainiancharm main page
This platform's goal is to make your experience as pleasurable as possible. That's why their site sports a clean design with every vital tab placed conveniently. As you navigate from top to bottom, every bit of important info can be accessed without straining.
The color used doesn't blind or strains eyes. While they lack a blog, they've tried to provide sections that address important matters such as safety and effective dating tips. When browsing through a list of active members, you can see their names, age, the number of photos and videos. Other sites add location but for this one, you'll have to open the profile to view where they hail from.
All in all, UkrainianCharm has one of the best and easy to use websites. The app interface makes choosing what you want a few-seconds task.

Registration Process

It takes barely 30 clicks to start browsing through the list of potential dates. The moment you land on the site, a simple application form pops. It only requests for four details:
Your date of birth
What are you looking for
You don't need to pay to see the members. This means you get a free ride to see what they have on the plate and decide if they are worth shoving out your credit card to. However, completing your profile will take approximately five minutes.

A complete profile improves the chances of both getting massive profile clicks and attracting the right date. Those with incomplete info usually arouse suspicion and are deemed to be disingenuous.

Quality of Profiles

ukrainiancharm profile
So what level of beauty are you looking for? Model material or someone of moderate beauty? The best thing about Ukrainian Charm is that there are many wonderful girls under their roof. They come in all shapes and sizes.
Their profiles display all the valuable information worth knowing like age, name, country, videos, and photos available. The service doesn't charge to upload photos and that's why most ladies have many photos for potential suitors to rummage through.

The site insists on uploading high-quality pictures so expect to see the members in their best light. You can use the search bar to uncover girls with a particular trait.
ukrainiancharm filled profile

Special Services

There are a few better ways you can make the best out of this platform. Let's take a look through a few of them:
Daily matches
Match-making is all about linking two people with shared characteristics. This service doesn't provide daily matches but once in a while, they can send you a list of girls they think would make the cut of who you are looking for. The list is made based on the preferences or habits that you selected during registration. You can keep editing the preferences to get different suggestions.
Message translation
One of the hurdles of international dating is the language barrier. You could love someone so bad and they love you back with the same magnitude but without an interpreter, that chemistry will fade. Most Ukrainians have a good grasp of English but once in a while, you'll meet those who know barely anything. In such an event, the administration will have to interpret both your messages so you could keep cultivating your relationship. The translation is a paid service though.
Member search
The ability to go straight to what you want can save both time and money. That's why UkrainianCharm stocks both a simpler and advanced search bar. The simple one fetches up a lot of profiles because it filters based on age. The advanced one, on the other hand, can narrow down your list by age, country, weight, height, children, habits and English level. You can run several filters at once. While this is the best way to find your best match, only a few results pop up in comparison to the basic search.
Gifts and flowers
You would love to send a gift to your Ukrainian girlfriend? Afraid of the tariffs that could be applied if you send it from your location? No need to worry. This service can do that for you at a small cost. If they don't get delivered, you'll receive all the payment back.
Detailed profile info
With most dating sites, you strive on your own without some help from concrete data. With this Ukrainian dating site, you get valuable info that includes profile visits, like and members that favorite you. This helps you to focus on people who already seem to like you.


ukrainiancharm credits
No matter how scam-free, safe or good a service is, not many people would be able to give them a try if their prices are through the roof. Ukrainian Charm tries to link you to many beautiful girls the world has to offer without being unjust to your pocket and bank account. That sounds good, right?

So how much I'm I going to spend cumulatively? Well, it all depends on the number of girls you will be talking to and the channels of communication used. Paid services include live chat, translation, phone call, gift sending, video calls, and request contact details.

The most affordable way to talk is via live chat messages. However, to really cement a relationship, you might want to take advantage of videos and gift sending once in a while. This helps your date feel cherished.
Currently, some of their plans include:
20 credits
Join now
50 credits
Join now
250 credits
Join now
As you can see, you don't actually need to be an Obama, Trump, Gates, or Kardashian to enjoy this site. With a bit of planning and saving, you should be able to sustain a long time communication that leads to a fulfilling relationship.

There are two ways you can make a payment on the site - PayPal and credit card. Acceptable cards include:
American Express

Safety and Protection

A majority of the profiles you see on Ukrainian Charm go through an inspection by the administrations. Once everything adds up, it gets published. The purpose of this inspection is to weed out scammers who are out for quick bucks.

Since behavior is acquired, some folks are bound to change later on and begin misusing the platform for their own ends. Once found, such members get disbarred and the victim reimbursed all the credit used in the communication process.

No matter how robust dating sites policies are, some issues do crop up. That is why personal discretion is advised while dating online. You can visit this service's "safety tips" section to learn how you can remain safe all through the dating period.

Payment processing can be pesky for many web services due to information leakage. To avoid this, all the details are handled via the failsafe 128-bit SSL encryption.

Customer Service

One of the perks of dating through Ukrainian Charm is that you get impressive customer support. If you have a problem with payment, credits or a member, you can simply talk to admins via the "contact us" button. They respond to tickets in a timely fashion and with satisfactory feedback.


Comes with an app
Short registration process
User-friendly-design for new users
Crosschecks members profile during registration to avoid scammers
Multiple affordable packages
Thousands of users ever online


You interact is Slavic girls only
They don't have a blog for posting helpful content


As you've discovered in this Ukrainian Charm review, this is a far safer platform than many other options out there. They have friendly customer support, affordable packages and multiple Ukrainian girls who are available for long term commitments.

In case of any complaint including scams, the service is ready to respond accordingly. Their impenetrable security ensures that you carry out your conversations without having to worry about information leakage.

Nothing is ever perfect. As highlighted before, personal judgment will come in handy in helping you single out people who are likely to want what you are offering. So while dating on UkrainianCharm, remember to read the fine print for a better experience. Happy hunting!