Valentime Site Review

Valentime provides a reliable way to date online with over 4.5 million users, up-to-date communication tools, and affordable pricing.
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One of the toughest hurdles you need to go through in life is finding love. Despite the world having billions of people, finding the one individual that completes you on all levels is hard. You have to kiss many frogs before it all ends.

Thanks to the ever-growing internet, now you no longer have to date locally. You can look for love far beyond your borders. The only challenge you'll face is finding the right platform. But guess what, we got something you might like.

One of the better (if not best) options of finding love online is through mail-order bride sites like Valentime. These are services that specialize in linking foreigners. Being paid platforms, you can expect to deal with zero to minimum bullshit that exists on free websites.

This article will shine some light on Valentime, its core features, services, registration process, and much more. Along the way, we will be dropping some valuable success tips, so you don't have to stay longer on a dating site.
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About Valentime

This is an online dating portal that promotes interracial relationships. This is a legit platform registered under Cellar Door Limited, which also owns Romance Tale and Victoria Hearts.

Unlike its sister sites, this website has a massive base of users stretching into millions. Each month, they get thousands of new subscribers looking for love. On a daily basis, there are over 10k logins, and that means there is always someone to talk to.

This website's top male visitors are from the US, Australia, and the UK. However, anyone from any country can sign up. As for women, all the girls registered on this website are Slavic.

Valentime appreciates real relationships, and that's why most services are paid. This keeps away jokers.

Website Layout

valentime main page
Bad websites are bummer. They get in the way of users' experience. To make your journey successful and enjoyable, Valentime adopts a very clean and minimalistic homepage. There is no overcrowding.

The homepage is short but packs the vital info that everyone needs to know or see from the registration form to their mission statements and security protocols. You can access their website from both mobile and desktop devices. Unfortunately, they have no app.

Registration Process

It's free to register on Valentime, and it costs nothing. The registration box has such slots:
Your date of birth
Once you agree to the terms of agreement (something you must read), you'll have access to the site.

At this point, you can interact with other members. However, an incomplete profile makes you look suspicious, and this leads to a low reply rate. To improve your chances of success, provide as much info about yourself as possible.

Your bio section is vital. This is where you get to say something about yourself and what you are after. Upload an awesome photo of yourself smiling. The picture should be of good quality.
valentime extended search

Quality of Profiles

valentime profile
Valentime profiles are rich with plenty of content. This includes things like names, age, location, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and much more. This data is there to help you make up your mind about someone.

Besides comprehensive profile information, this site has a large base of women from Ukraine. If you play your cards right, you'll get what you came for.

Communication Features

If you have ever wooed someone before, then you know it's slightly hard. Today you may talk to a lady, and she gives you all the right signals, and then tomorrow she seems disconnected. It's all about communication — how and when it is delivered. Valentime gives you all the best communication tools to play around with for the best results.
If she gets bored with short, instant messages, then perhaps she might cheer up to long email letters. Once both short and comprehensive messages lose clout, it's time to show your nice looks or cheeky persona via video links. You can also send cute messages with a media attachment (probably your best images).
Is she too hard to impress? Send over a gift or flowers from Valentime's alluring stock of presents and gifts. Never underestimate the power of giving. Lovely presents can elicit feelings of affection real quick. Just go around throwing monetary valuables on every lady, okay?

It takes:
  • 2 credits a minute to send instant messages to another party
  • 5 credits if you include stickers
  • 10 per photo
  • 50 for each video
  • 30 credits to send a letter
  • and 10 to open each
valentime gifts
Some photos and videos on profiles cannot be viewed for free. You need 25 credits to view someone's video and only two to comment on a photo. If you want users to see you in real-time, you can upload a video to your profile at a cost of 100 credits. Although this can seem like a costly affair, it really isn't. You should see what other sites are charging for their communication tools. Besides, if you insist on extremely cheap websites, be sure there will be some compromises to deal with.
Valentime's gift catalog is quite extensive. You are not limited to flowers and chocolates only; there are others like foodstuff, gadgets, jewelry, and much more. You need to have a good stock of credits to buy your girl gifts. Some relationships can take a very long time to generate promising results. But just how long can you stick around on a site waiting for someone to say "yes"? Do you think having her personal contact can speed things up? Of course, it can.
valentime contact request
To get someone's contact on Valentime dating site, you need 3,000 credits. But before you pull this move, make sure the woman you are asking for her contacts likes you and knows you are about to request for her personal details.
Otherwise, this could be a costly mistake if executed without much planning and some thought.


    Most mail order brides don't come for free. Some are even exorbitantly charged, and it's for good reasons. Free-to-use sites are full of scammers, cheats, hackers, and idlers. So never let the price tag turn you away from a good site. Rather than run away, just sign up and stick to cheap services and features.

    Interested to know what Valentime charges? Well, it's not too much. Everything from registration to browsing profiles is free. Charges begin when you want to make impactful moves like messaging, requesting for users' contacts, scheduling a meeting or sending gifts.

    This dating platform runs through a credit system. There can never be a transparent mode of payment than this. You see, with membership sites, you have no idea what exactly you paid for. And when the subscription duration ends, no unspent money is given back to you or pushed forward. Credits don't expire until you use them up.
    The lowest package comes at $9.99 and has 20 credits.
    50 credits
    Join now
    125 credits
    Join now
    250 credits
    Join now
    750 credits
    Join now
    These rates are not different from those of other dating sites. That makes Valentime neither cheap or expensive. Most payments happen via credit cards and PayPal.

    Safety and Protection

    To deal with fake profiles, Valentime reviews all profiles for validation. Every approved account gets a green badge that reads "validated." This indicates that the user has provided all the verification documents and thus "clean" of ill intentions.

    When it comes to safeguarding personal info and database, they rely on robust encryptions-mainly 128-bit. This means your personal data, messages, or financial details and transactions will never leave the site. But if you share your login credentials with another person, then you'll have yourself to blame in case something bad happens.

    Customer Support

    Issues do occur dating sites. For instance, an automatic payment system can double process your payment plan or even fail to refill tokens after charging you. At times you will have issues with fellow users-maybe scams, cons, etc. During these times only active and efficient customer support can be of help.

    Well, judging by multiple positive Valentime reviews on the net, this site does have active admins who respond to client complaints. Given their massive base, you have to expect a few delays though in times of high traffic.
    valentime customer support


    Effective customer support
    Affordable pricing
    A large database of Ukrainian women
    Plenty of useful premium features
    Accurate matching algorithm
    Extensive search tool


    Only Slavic women available


    There are many reasons why Valentime could be the best option for you. When you sign up, at least you are sure its large membership offers you the best odds. Secondly, you will also be certain of landing some of the most dazzling and charming foreign women.

    Unlike some sites, this one doesn't leave you helpless. If you have a problem, their customer support is always nearby to help. Whenever you feel like sending a gift or present, there are plenty of options to consider. To avoid boring conversations, you can switch between the multiple communications tools available.

    Here is the bottom line: Valentime is a reliable platform. Yeah, it may have a few issues once in a while, but so are other sites. If you've ever experienced a similar dating site before, then you're gonna love the upgrades it has. All the very best.


    What is Valentime?
    It's a web-based dating platform that links foreigners with Ukranian women. As a mail order wife site, its top priority is to help men (mostly from the Uk and US) find women who want to have long-lasting relationships.
    How different is it from other sites in Ukraine?
    To begin with, this service is legit and has other sister sites that are well known. Secondly, they have robust security and anti-scamming policies. Furthermore, they are very thorough in verifying users profiles.
    How does Valentime's automatic top-up work?
    Automatic top-up refills your credits anytime they go below 5. This is a time-saving feature that you can activate or deactivate from the settings section of your profile.
    Can I send messages for free?
    No, you cannot send messages for free. It takes a subscription plan to be able to communicate with other members. Some of the things you can do for free include registration, profile browsing, and using the search tool.
    Is Valentime cheap or expensive?
    Well it's neither cheap or expensive. Their charges lie somewhere in the middle. Nevertheless, the question of whether a site is cheap or not mostly depends on your financial status.
    What are their refund policies like?
    Valentime's refund policies are friendly. It's possible to get a refund for unused credits in case you close your account permanently. Also, you can get your money back in case of canceled orders, undelivered gifts/flowers, declined meeting requests, and scam issues. It's never this black and white; read their refund policies to know what warrants a cashback.